Photography Contest and Entry Form Download

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Kuching Buddhist Society and Sarawak Photo-Art Society have jointly organized a photography contest, a total of RM5000 to be won by public who loves photo taking.

The contest is open for public; however the location of photo shooting must be in Buddhist Village during the period, from 1st of April to 27th of April. All submitted photos must be submitted by 3pm on 4th May, 2013 to Kuching Buddhist Society office at Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho.

The subject of the work is unlimited as long as it is taken in Buddhist Village which involves things, matters and scenery.  Kuching Buddhist Society is located in Tanjong Durian, on the way to Bau Town.  Buddihist Village is a community which was built under Kuching Buddhist Society to realize the pureland idea.

In order to attract more participants, Kuching Buddhist Society has allocated RM5000 as the reward for this contest.

The submission fee is RM30.00 per set (3 photos) for non- SPAS member, and SPAS official member submission fee is RM20.00 per set (3 photos). Another RM5 is charged for every additional set (3 photos) of photos submission.

Participants are allowed to send in a many entries as they wish and the softcopy are required to save in the cd with a minimum size of not less than 4MB. However, participants must maintain the originality of the soft copy.

The entry form can collect from the Kuching Buddhist Society administration office on office hour (8am-5pm) or click here <<<download>>>> to download the entry form. Otherwise, can also contact representatives from SPAS, 012-8884878 (Liew Ted Ghee), 016-8605220 (Micheal Liew) and 016-8851666 (Valen Ma) or log on to the website of SPAS,

where is buddhist village?    click here —> [direction]  for direction.


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