Buddhist Funeral Services

~ Concept of Mi-Tuo-Yen Funeral Package Services ~

(1) Kuching Buddhist Society has been registered under the Malaysia Society’s Act as a religious body. It aims to promote the development of Buddhism and at the same time to contribute towards the social welfare of our community, hence the setting up of Buddhist funeral services appears to be one of its services to the community.
(2) The Mi-Tuo-Yen in Buddhist Village has been offering funeral services according to Buddha’s teaching. It aims to provide the community with an economic and efficient service.
(3) The service provided is more of service orientated and not that of commercial. It is therefore to allow the public to have access to the Buddhist way of funeral arrangement and hence assists both the deceased and the bereaved family to have peace of mind during the mourning period.

~ Buddhist Funeral Services ~
Kuching Buddhist Society, a distinguish organisation in Buddhism’s development, aims to cultivate among followers the Buddha’s teaching as well as promoting social welfare to benefit all races in our community.
Buddhism, as a manking’s religion, teaches followers on how to tackle problems relating to birth, sickness, old age and death in life.
Everybody wishes to lead a meaningful life and therefore when it is time to depart this life, one would wish to leave peacefully.
Funeral service, under the concept of Buddhism is simple and economical. Kuching Buddhist Society, by putting this concept in practice, has designed systematic way to arrange for the funeral service in order to benefit all works of life in our community.

~ Mi-Tuo-Yen Funeral Service Procedure ~
Altar arrangement → Corpse arrangement → Vegetarian food offerings → Chanting Service → Coffin arrangement → Putting corpse into coffin → Chanting Service → Funeral Cortege → Transfer Corpse to Crematorium by Deluxe Coach → Chanting Service → Cremating → Relics Collecting.

~ Package Available For The Funeral Service ~
(A) Cremation Service Package                 RM4,880.00
(package include: Offerings like flowers and vegetarian food, chanting service, coffin, transfer to crematorium, cremating.)
(B) Burial Service Package                         RM5,880.00
(package include: Offerings like flowers and vegetarian food, chanting service, coffin, transfer to graveyard, burying.)

~ Tee-Chan Relics Department ~
There are two blocks, the left and right blocks. Each block consists of nine levels.
(A) External Section(Old)      Single                         Twin
Level 1 to Level 2                RM4,800.00                 RM9,000.00
Level 3 to Level 4                RM7,200.00                 RM13,800.00
Level 5 to Level 9                RM9,600.00                 RM18,600.00
(B)  Internal Section(Old)      Single                         Twin
Level 1 to Level 2                RM7,200.00                 RM13,800.00
Level 3 to Level 4                RM13,200.00               RM27,600.00
Level 5 to Level 9                RM19,200.00               RM39,000.00
(C) External Section(New)    Single                         Twin
Level 1 to Level 2                RM5,800.00                 RM11,000.00
Level 3 to Level 4                RM8,500.00                 RM15,800.00
Level 5 to Level 9                RM11,000.00               RM18,600.00

~ Single Item Service Charge ~
(1) Cremation Service (with KBS-standard coffin) RM1,388.00
(2) Cremation Service (non KBS-standard coffin) RM2,388.00
(3) Relics Urn RM200.00
(4) Mortuary Charge, first day (with Cremation Package Service) RM300.00
(5) Mortuary Charge, first day (without Cremation Package Service) RM500.00
(6) Mortuary Charge, per subsequent day after second day RM100.00
(7) Cool Coffin rental fee (3 days 2 nights) RM400.00
(8) Cool Coffin rental fee, per subsequent day after 3rd da RM100.00
(9) Cool Coffin rental fee (1 day 1 night) RM300.00

~ Funeral Items ~ (prices varies according to market)
Dress for the deceased (set) RM500.00 – RM700.00
Blanket (Tuo-Ro-Ni ) RM60.00 each
Blanket (gold-thread Lotus) RM180.00
Blanket (Lotus) RM150.00
Blanket (Tian-di) RM120.00
Altar arrangement (deluxe) RM500.00 – RM800.00
Tent RM300.00
White T-shirt RM9.50 each
Towel (long) RM22.00 per doz.
Handkerchief RM6.00 per doz.
Mineral water (box) RM12.00

~ Optional Services Available ~ (charges accordingly)
Funeral dresses, white shoes, white socks, handkerchief, towel, drinks, fa-kueh, blanket, tent, dress for the deceased, bus fare, memorial hall, air-con coffin, deluxe altar arrangement, boat fare, wreath, red cloth, blue cloth, relics box, relics jar, vegetarian food.

~ Kwang-Yin Memorial Plates ~
(1) Upper Section           RM3,600.00 each
(2) Lower Section           RM1,200.00 each

~ Air-con Mortuary ~
First night                                  RM300.00
Subsequent night (per night)    RM100.00

~ Air-con Hostel for family members ~
Standard twin                    RM150.00
Deluxe room                      RM200.00

~ Transport ~
Van for transferring corpse (per trip)    RM300.00
One-ton Lorry                                         RM300.00
Shuttle service (40 seats) deluxe            RM400.00
Shuttle service (40 seats) ordinary         RM300.00

~ Family Set Meals ~
3 vegetables 1 soup (min. 4 persons 1 table) including drinks RM15.00 per head

~ Coffin ~
Package coffin                  RM1,600.00
Standard coffin                 RM2,400.00
Deluxe coffin                    RM4,500.00
Super Deluxe coffin          RM8,000.00

~ 24hours contact numbers ~
012-8832519(yue ying)

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